A Timeless Legacy Reborn

1843 Peter Orr sailed from Scotland to Madras and laid the foundation for what would become India's most esteemed silversmith company. His exceptional skill led him to being appointed Jeweller and Silversmith for the Prince of Wales.

1879 P. Orr & Sons threw open the doors of its architecturally ambitious new showroom. The structure, complete with an iconic clock tower, still stands majestically on Anna Salai. It was inaugurated by none other than King George V and Queen Mary.

1903 By now, P. Orr & Sons was renowned for its Swami style of silverware and jewellery. This style is distinct to Southern India and features elaborate carvings of Hindu deities. The firm's mastery in this art captivated European royalty and aristocracy. Our exquisite silverwork continues to grace international museums, including the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

1940 The Second World War brought significant challenges and P. Orr & Sons pivoted from silverware production to watch retailing. We sold India's first Rolex watch for the princely sum of 198 rupees.

2023 With 12 showrooms across Tamil Nadu, P. Orr & Sons continues to celebrate our unique legacy. We are currently re-branding and refurbishing our stores and brand partnerships. We will be back soon in a new, improved avatar that pays tribute to our venerable roots!